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Death Record Search

You can enter a full or partial name in the space provided, or omit the name completely. The search is case insensitive so you don't need to worry about capitalization. You should not use operators like "AND" or "OR" unless you want the search engine to search for those words. Just put a space between each word.

You may also restrict the search by date of death. If you don't specify a start date but do specify an end date, it will give you everything up to the end date. Conversely, if you specify a start date but no end date, it will return everything from the start date on. Of course, you can specify both or neither. If you don't give a date, it will search the entire database.

If your search does not return the expected results, try using partial words. Also, keep in mind that a word may have been entered in a different form than you might expect. For instance, the name Mike could be listed as Michael.

If searching by name, the search will find all iterations of that name. So, if you know how the person's last name sounds but not spelled, you can play with the query. For instance, you could type man to get the last name Kaufman.

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